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All children have equal right to healthy, happy and peaceful life,
But !?

Why many children are denied that right. They suffer from many diseases such as cerebral paralysis which has crippled my little boy Mitar since his birth due to doctors’ fault.
Mitar was born on 12th July 1995 in Novi Sad ( Yugoslavia ) a month and a half before the due date determined by the doctor. His premature birth was a direct consequence of a botched up examination.
He had 2.520 grams and was 49cm at the time of birth. He cried like all healthy children. All would have been in order if he was place in an incubator like all premature babies.
Nevertheless, Mitar, although born after only 7.5 months of pregnancy, was never placed in an incubator and since then we are plagued with enormous problems.
Because of insufficiently developed vital organs Mitar was not able to start living normally. He suffered a brain hemorrhage, and then many other problems occurred. All that had great consequences for Mitar’s health.

My boy is eight years old now and he is not able to walk. He is completely dependant on me. He can not go to school since there is no special school available for children like him in our country.
There is absolutely no attention given to disadvantaged children with impaired health status. The fact that Mitar receives 30 euros from the government speaks for itself. I am a single mother with tertiary education unable to work since Mitar needs assistance and supervision all the time.
Mitar’s father turned his back on us when he found out that his son is sick and left us alone with our problems. So, Mitar has a father on paper only. Now my son and I are fighting with the problems created by others, and believe me, there are too many!
Very often we have to go to rehab institutions for expensive treatments.
All that, God willing, so Mitar can get better. We have great problems with sourcing prosthetics and expensive medications.

* So I’d like to appeal to all people with similar problems to contact me. Their opinion and advice may help me in the bitter fight for the health of my little hero!

* Also I’d like to appeal to all good people to help me with the fight for Mitar’s health by donating whatever little they can afford by sending money.

Here are the e-mail details:
Mitar:    jmitar@neobee.net
Slađa:    scomic@neobee.net

Slađana, ( Mother )